Prints and a Few Drawings from Great Collections of the Past

  1. Master MR, Christ on the Cross
  2. Dürer, St. Bartholomew
  3. Dürer, Christ Before Caiaphas
  4. Raimondi, Philosophy
  5. Raimondi, Façade with Caryatids
  6. Beham, Job Conversing
  7. Beham, Satyr Sounding a Horn
  8. Beham, Peasant Couple Walking
  9. Caraglio, Martyrdom of St. Paul
  10. Aldegrever, Standard Bearer
  11. Pencz, Feeding the Hungry
  12. Pencz, Artemisia Preparing
  13. Falconetto, Tomb Surmounted
  14. Claesz, St. Peter Seated
  15. Treu, Noble Dancers
  16. Master FP, Hercules Killing
  17. Brun, February
  18. Solis, Arithmetria
  19. de Bruyn, The Circumcision
  20. Sadeler, Virgin and Child
  21. Goltzius, A Young Man
  22. Matham, The Planets
  23. Brizio, Extensive Landscape
  24. van de Velde, Fête Villageoise
  25. van de Velde, Backgammon
  26. van Uyttenbroek, Tobias
  27. van Uyttenbroek, Bacchus
  28. Rembrandt, The Small Lion Hunt
  29. Hollar, Woman with Headdress
  30. Saftleven, Dutch Peasant
  31. Ostade, Bust of a Peasant
  32. Stoop, A Grazing Horse
  33. Fyt, Set of Animals
  34. Bega, The Three Drinkers
  35. Anonymous, Landscape
  36. Nanteuil, Charles Benoise
  37. Nanteuil, Cardinal Mazarin
  38. Nanteuil, Pierre Seguier
  39. van Vliet, St. Jerome Sitting
  40. Cossin, Ornament Design
  41. Sirani, St. Eustace
  42. Somer, Hagar and Ishmael
  43. Daullé, La Muse Clio
  44. Tiepolo, The Holy Family
  45. MacArdell, Hannah, Mrs. Horneck
  46. Laurie, Elizabeth, Dutchess
  47. Denon, Village Scene
  48. Charlet, Les Français
  49. Pieraccini, Holy Family
  50. Daumier, Y n’y a rien comm’
  51. Daubigny, Les Ruines du Chateau
  52. Daubigny, Lever de Lune
  53. Meryon, Le Petit Pont
  54. Rops, La Poupée du Satyre
  55. Whistler, Old Hungerford Bridge
  56. Legros, Un Coin de Rivière
  57. Buhot, Frontispice
  58. Forain, La Rencontre
  59. Pennell, Hampton Court Palace
  60. Delâtre, Silhouette de Femme

30. Cornelis Saftleven

Dutch Peasant Types (set of 12)

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Saftleven, Dutch Peasant

Dutch Peasant Types (set of 12)

Other Images:

Etchings, probably finished with engraving,1645, 95 x 67 mm., Van der Kellen 1-12, Wurzbach 1-12, Hollstein 6-17 iv/iv. The complete set of twelve in fine, even impressions on laid paper with good margins outside the platemark, with no visible flaws and in fresh, clean condition. The set is with the address of the publisher Pool on the first plate and all plates numbered. Largely removed from context, these elegantly drawn peasant figures are in the tradition of Callot’s etchings of nobles and equally of his beggars. A rare set; the last set to have come up at auction was in 1989.

F. C. Th. Baron van Isendoorn à Blois (Lugt 2610). Baron van Isendoorn (1784-1865) was the last member of an illustrious family stemming from William the Conqueror, who died in 1318. The Baron was an eager and well-informed collector of drawings and prints, who attended the sales of great collections dispersed in his lifetime and made many fine purchases. His collection was heavily weighted toward Dutch and Flemish art and included drawings by Rembrandt, Avercamp, Cuyp and van Goyen, and fine etchings by Rembrandt, Everdingen, Ruisdael, Saftleven and virtually all the other Netherlandish masters of the seventeenth century. The collection was sold in Amsterdam across five sessions in 1879-80. Oddly, while the drawings bore a crowned stamp with the initials J (for I) A B (Lugt 1407), placed there by the auction house, the prints were inscribed in pencil W/C, initials representing the Amsterdam banker Wolff and his associate Cohen, who apparently arranged the sales.

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