28. Auguste Lepère

La Ravine en Juin (The Ravine in June)

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Lepère, La Ravine en Juin

La Ravine en Juin (The Ravine in June)

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Lithograph, 1914, Texier-Bernier 614, 132 x 96 mm., contained in the Catalogue des Peintres et Eaux-Fortes de A. Lepère, Shown at Ed. Sagot, May, 1914. The catalog, which was probably designed by Lepère, also contains five small woodcuts and is from the deluxe edition of 20 on old japan paper, signed and numbered in ink by the artist. All the prints are fine impressions and the catalog itself, measuring 165 x 110 mm., is in excellent condition. The woodcuts are used as headings for the text and it is quite a charming little production.

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