de Saint-Mémin: Mrs. Cummings
Moran: The Rapids
van Beest: Two Fishermen
Moran: The Passaic
van Elten: The Deserted Mill
Mielatz: Out of Commission
Yeats: Rye, July 4, 1908
Botke: Beside a Valley
Nakamizo: Heron Lifting Off
Charlot: Woman Lifting Rebozo
Constant: Still Life with Pears
Bormann: New York Aquarium
Castellon: Waiting Women
Takal: Man with a Cigar
Lozowick: The White Spider
Sangster: Niagara Falls
Lovet-Lorski: Winged Man
Sterner: The Penitent
Hamilton: Feeding the Sparrows
Sandzén: Mountain Lake
Lucioni: Barn in the Hills
Binder: Moses
Eby: Goin’ Home
Farrer: Sunset, Gowanus Bay
Geritz: Mae Murray
Grossman: Rain on the Square
Sherman: Quadrille Band
Brockhurst: Una
Gottlieb: Low Tide
Hoffbauer: Studies
Oppenheimer: New York at Night
Robinson: Horse Auction
Bluemner: Winfield, Long Island
Mora: Mother and Child
Drewes: Rotterdam
Fiene: Barns
Marsh, Coney Island Beach
Moser: Sunrise
Eichenberg: Seven Deadly Sins
Hayter, Greeting Card for 1945
Kuniyoshi: Taxco, Mexico
Roth: Street in Siena
Winkler: Chow Seller
Ruzicka: East River, Evening
Reinhardt: Intermission
Kadar: The Nativity
Weber: Mountain Scene
Schultheiss: The Flight into Egypt
Walkowitz: Two Figures
MacLaughlan: The Great Oak
Auerbach-Levy: Cabby
Neufeldt: Rhode Island
Dolice: Off Asbury Park
Friedlander: Brooklyn Bridge
Hankins: Arrangement
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