Glintenkamp: Muse Thalia
Callot: Soliman Act I
Desperet, Molière : "L’Avare"
Schaffhauser: Angelica
Green: David Garrick, Esqr.
Toulouse-Lautrec: Le Coiffeur
Thew: Shakespeare: Hamlet
Parigi: La Flora
Sloan: The Green Hour
Brocard: Design
Brouwer: Het Winter Bosch
Doré: Paons (Peacocks)
Houston: Mr. Berry
Guyot: Les Trois Sultanes
Beerbohm: Coquelin Aîné
Knight: At the Footlights
Thew: King Henry the Fifth
Anquetin: Le Théâtre Libre
Say: Miss Mellon
Fabbroni: Two Stage Settings
Hogarth: Mr. Garrick
Guérard: Marionette
Edelinck: The Comic Actor
Renouard: Le Fond de la Loge
Watson: Lady Sarah Lennox
Toulouse-Lautrec: Aux Variétés
Ogborne: Henry the Sixth
Doré: Seraphin
Monogrammist WHN: The Riot at Covent Garden
Janinet: Nina
Régamey: A Figure from the Commedia dell’Arte
Vuillard: Solnes, le Constructeur
Circle of Delacroix: Mademoiselle George
de Bruycker: Théâtre (Ténor)
Audran: Design
Bormann: The State Opera
Desboutin: Dailly
Toulouse-Lautrec: Yvette Guilbert
Marceau: Three Clowns
Rados: Stage Design
Daumier: Carotte Dramatique
Rops: Caricature Portrait
Ibels: L’Amour S’Amuse
Daumier: Les Théâtres
Markham: The Show is Over
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This is our twenty-fourth web exhibition (all the previous ones are still posted) and, like a number of the others, covers a broad range of time, style and medium, in this case from classical, seventeenth-century portraiture to twentieth-century WPA images, from engraving through mezzotint and lithograph to poster paints.  But the focus is entirely on the theater: the actors and actresses, the scenes, the productions, the audiences, the programs, the dressing rooms.  Some of the artists included are clearly among the greats, others are minor figures or, once known, now all but forgotten.  But such a mixture has its point: it directs attention to the images themselves rather than the names, to the conception and execution of a particular subject and the degree of success achieved.  And one may find that the most satisfying image is not always by the best-known artist.