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Vasari, Seven Bishop Saints
Passarotti, Male Nude Study
Castello, A Decapitation
Wildens, A Hilly Path
Florentine School , Floral Ornament
Procaccini, Head of a Soldier
French School, Head of Hercules
Vlieger , Fishermen
Gargiulo , Elevation of  Saints
Roos, Cattle and Sheep
Cabel, River Landscape
 d'Onofri , Trees in a Landscape
German School, The Coronation of the Virgin
Heemskerck,  Peasants Drinking
Piola, St. Raymond
Moucheron , Classical Figures in a Grove of Trees
Chaufourrier, Solfatara
Lantara , Storm over a Village
Volaire , Neapolitan Boatman
Monogramist Vh , Woodland Grove
Bolognese School,  Seated Warrior
Galliari , Stage Set: Courtyard of a Farm
Duclaux , Plants Growing in a Field
Cruikshank , Standing Male
Altmann , Wine Taster
Decamps, Trees at the Villa
Nanteuil , Two Figures
Bodmer, Partridges
Harpignies , Trees
Marsaud,  Harlequin
Dehodencq, Three Sketches
Delauney, Fruit Tree with Birds
Dansaert , Brawl in a Tavern
Chapu, Studies for ’’Une Source’’
Vannutelli, Two Women Seated in a Church
Lepère, Studies of Ladies Shopping
Béjot, Pont de l'Alma
Henricus, Japonisme
Vuillard, Mme. Vuillard, Sewing at Her Window
Couturier, Carnival Scene at Night
Brockhurst, Chinese Group
Stankavich, On the Frontier
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