Sixteenth Century Northern Engraving & Etching

Master MZ: Aristotle and Phyllis
Dürer: Virgin & Child
Dürer: Virgin & Child Crowned
Dürer: Frederick the Wise
Dürer: Saint Philip
van Leyden: Triumph of David
Zundt: Arrest of Baumgartner
Hopfer: Charles V
Beham: The Expulsion
Beham: Mask Held by 2 Genii
Beham: Mask Held by 2 Genii
Brosamer: The Lute Player
Pencz: Artemisia Preparing to Drink
Pencz: Johann Friedrich
Monogrammist CP : Dido
Aldegrever: Dagger Sheath Design
Aldegrever: Ornament with a Bat
Hirschvogel: David's Triumph
Hirschvogel: The Defeat and Death
Claesz: Allegory with a Woman
Massys: Two Crippled Musicians
Cock: Colossaei
Cock: Landscape with a Castle
Ladenspelder: The Four Evangelists
Brun: Two Turkish Men
Suavius: Saint Paul Seated
Delaune: Combat of the Centaurs
Davent: Alexander Mastering Bucephalus
Davent: Un Marais
Thibaud: Hagar Gives Ishmael a Jug
Woeiriot: Battaile de Constantin
Galle: Solomon Building
Sadeler: St. Paul at Corinth
Wierex: Henry III
Goltzius: Arnoud van Beresteyn
Goltzius: Mercury and Argus
Goltzius: A Young Man
Collaert : January
Collaert : Musical Celebration
Collaert:  David Playing the Harp
van de Passe: Christian IV
Muller: Belshazzar's Feast
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