d'Onofri, Landscape with Battus
after Brueghel, Alpine Landscape
School of Antwerp, Imaginary Landscape
Sadeler, Facade of a Temple
van Noort, Landscape with the Temple
Davent, Landscape with Ancient Ruins
att. to Pozzoserato, Mountainous Landscape
van de Velde II , Interior of the Ruins
Waterloo, Two Travelers
Grimaldi, Landscape
Saftleven, Landscape with a Man
Barrière, View of the Town
Monti, Landscape with a River
Meyeringh, Landscape with Mercury
Bout, The Skaters
Lelu, A Town in Portugal
Dietricy, Heroic Landscape
Le Loup , View of the Town
att. to Verrijk , River Scene
Kolbe, Landscape with a Cowherd
Roos, Vast Mountainous Landscape with Herds
Roman School, Lago d’Albano,
Isabey, Ruines du Château
Williams, A Part of Melrose Abbey
Palmer, The Morning of Life
Richardson, Loggers by a Lake
att. to Preller, Oak Trees
Lalanne, Plage des Vaches
Miller, A Road in Winter
Haden, Sunset in Ireland
Doeleman, Stormy Sky
Meryon, Nouvelle Zélande
Latenay, Autumn Trees
German School, Birches
Cameron, Ben Lomond
Yeats, July 4, 1908
MacLaughlan, Rossinières
Cotton, Spring Landscape
Legros, Une Vallée
Torre-Bueno, Farmlands
Jungnickel, Loser - Altaussee
Komjati, Willows
Wengenroth, Bucks County
Kantor, Abstracted Landscape
Eby, Christmas Trees
Massen, Landscape with Trees
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