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Title:: Diverses Figures et Griffonnements Year::
Artist: Della Bella, Stefano After:  
Medium: etching Provenance:
Period: Italian 17th Century School/Style: Florentine
Catalogs: DeVesme/Massar 459, 469, 471, 470, 480, 463,;
466, 412, 462, 478, 468, unrecorded, 467, 418;

Price: $3,000.00
Description: An unusual sheet containing 15 different plates, the title page in the center, the others, as listed , left to right from the top of the sheet, on laid paper (of the 18th century) with full margins. Most but not all the prints are from the specified set, and the sheet is a put- together group, printed later, and exhibiting some undescribed later states. The title page is an undescribed second state with the address removed; D 463 undescribed ii/ii or iii/iii with plate reduced vertically; D 461 described ii/ii; D 412 described ii/ii; D 462 undescribed ii/ii, plate reduced horizontally; D 468 described ii/ii; D 418 described ii/ii. The undescribed plate is in the style of Della Bella but may not be by him. The impressions are clear but some of the plate are obviously worn. It is most unusual to find uncut sheets like this, whether the impressions are early or late.

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