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Title:: The March to Finchley Year:: 1750-61
Artist: Sullivan, Luke After: Hogarth, William
Medium: engraving Provenance:
Period: British 18th Century School/Style: Caricature 18th-19th Century
Catalogs: Paulsen 237 viii/viii;
Price: $200.00
Description: Fairly good impression, all the lines present, but starting to grey out and lacking a full range of tone. The scene of print is Tottenham Court Turnpike north of London, with the village of Highgate appearing in the distance. The English guards, recalled to England from the continent by the invasion of Scotland by Bonnie Prince Charlie, marched through London and gathered to the north of it before marching to Finchley to guard the approach to the metropolus. The time is September, 1745. The scene is a typically Hogarthian mass of characters, both military and civilian, with a plenitude of prostitutes. The plate was engraved by Sullivan, Hogarth's assistant, in 1750 and reworked by Hogarth himself (state 8) some ten years later.