Prints & Drawings by Anonymous Artists

  1. Italian 15th Century, The Man of Sorrows
  2. Florentine ca. 1470, Music Manuscript
  3. Greek or Byzantine 15th-16th Century, The Risen Christ
  4. French ca. 1500, The Mass of St. Gregory
  5. Italian 16th Century, Annunciation to the Virgin
  6. Itallian 16th Century, Study for a Draped Female Figure
  7. Dutch 16th Century, Christ Feeding the Five Thousand
  8. German 16th Century, Ornament with an Owl
  9. Italian 16th Century, The Virgin at the Cradle
  10. Italian 16th Century, The Forefathers of Christ
  11. Master L, Adoration of the Magi
  12. Master RR, Esther Before Ahasuerus
  13. Monogramist HWB, Sketches of Lovers
  14. Italian 16th Century, Gladiators in an Arena
  15. School of Fontainebleau, The Birth of the Virgin
  16. Flemish 16th Century, Hercules Fighting the Nemean Lion
  17. Flemish (?) 16th-17th Century, Satyr and Nymph Embracing
  18. after Ludolph Büsinck, Saint Matthew
  19. Flemish 17th Century, Doctor, Dying Miser
  20. Bolognese 17th Century, Robed, Seated Male Figure
  21. French 17th Century, Le Palais de Neptune
  22. Italian 17th Century, Male Figure in the Clouds
  23. Italian 17th -18 th Century, Panel of Ornament with Putti
  24. Dutch (?) 18th Century, Landscape with a River
  25. British 18th Century, A Woman Seated in an Arm Chair
  26. Italian late 18th Century, Neptune Before Juno
  27. French (?) late 18th-Early 19th Century, Bathers in a Landscape
  28. Spanish (?) 19th Century (?), Vanitas
  29. British 19th Century, Extensive Landscape
  30. Barbizon School 19th Century, Pair of River Landscapes
  31. American Mid-19th Century, Maylandville Road
  32. Spanish 19th Century, Street Scene
  33. French 19th Century, En Auvergne
  34. French 19th Century, Cavalry Skirmish
  35. British 19th Century, Badshahi Qila
  36. French 19th Century, Design for a Ceiling
  37. Russian 19th Century, Fortified Military Encampment
  38. American late 19th Century, Sheep on a Country Road
  39. British 19th (?) Century, Llyn Ogwen, North Wales
  40. German or Austrian 19th-20th Century, Prometheus Bound
  41. British 20th (?) Century, The Knife Grinder
  42. British 20th Century, The Knife Grinder
  43. German 20th Century, Death Leading a Woman
  44. American 20th Century, Straphanger

43. Anonymous German
20th Century

Death Leading a Woman Across a Bridge by Moonlight

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German 20th Century, Death Leading a Woman

Death Leading a Woman Across a Bridge by Moonlight

Linocut, 180 x 229 mm. A fine impression in brown on brownish laid paper with full margins, signed with initials HG (?) and the number 30. This very striking print is clearly influenced by Edvard Munch but also shows similarities to the work of Christian Rohlfs. The rude bridge extends almost vertically toward the front of the print. Death and the woman are in the foreground, she partially turned to wave to a man standing at the mid point of the bridge. The moon casts his shadow on the bridge The sky is filled with near vertical streaks, almost certainly produced by manipulating ink on the surface of the block. A suggestion has been made that the print is by Hans Gött (1883-?) but there seems to be nothing in his background (he studied briefly with Matisse) to have produced an image such as this.

Addition and Correction: The print is actually by Hilde Goldschmidt (1897-1980, a German-Jewish artist born in Leipzig and who studied with Hugo Steiner-Prag, Otto Hettner and Oskar Kokoschka as well as also studying ballet. Goldschmidt left Germany in 1939 for London, but returned to the continent to live in Kitzbühel, Austria, where she died. She specialized in woodcuts. Tom Guarrera, dealer and inveterate researcher, came up with this information, the first and so far the only identification of an anonymous artist in this exhibition. We are very grateful to him.

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