20. Allaert van Everdingen

The Four Mineral Springs (complete set)

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Everdingen, Four Mineral Springs

The Four Mineral Springs (complete set)

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Etchings, ca. 130 x 173 mm., Bartsch 95-98, Dutuit and Hollstein 95 iii/iii, 96 iii/iii, 97 ii/ii, 98 ii/ii. Very fine impressions on laid paper with narrow margins or trimmed on the plate mark; B. 97 with a small brown stain. Originally thought to represent springs in Spa, Belgium, they are now believed to be of Eidsvold in Norway. Everdingen was unusual among seventeenth-century Dutch artists in that his travels were directed North to Scandinavia rather than, as so many others, South to Italy. Because of that, his etchings portray landscapes and locations of a quite different order from those seen in the work of his contemporaries. He was a remarkably consistent artist and so there are no two or three prints that stand out as his masterpieces, but The Mineral Springs, are surely his most intriguing works. Although single plates appear on the market, it is rare to find the complete set, particularly in such fine, fresh impressions.

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